Mui Ne Beach – Phan Thiet: Top Things To Do

Mui Ne is a well-known tourist destination in Vietnam thanks to its beautiful beaches and red and white sand dunes. Traveling to Mui Ne, we can see a particular landscape: sand dunes resembling the Sahara Desert are located right next to the beach. The beach of Mui Ne is very long and it is relatively easy to find a quiet place.

However, maybe Mui Ne beach is less beautiful than the one in Nha Trang, but it is closer to Ho Chi Minh City (4h drive). Access to Mui Ne is easy, by bus or train. (See in detail here). (Nha Trang is 1 hour by plane from HCMC).

A big problem of Mui Ne is the awareness of locals in the protection of the environment. Although the private beaches of the hotels and resorts are clean, we can see rubbish on the beaches near the fishing villages and on the road to Mui Ne.

Mui Ne is located in Phan Thiet City, Binh Thuan Province, more than 20km from the city center.

Top things to see and do in Mui Ne – Vietnam

Relaxing at the beach of Mui Ne

The beach is the main reason travelers arrive at Mui Ne.

The beach of Mui Ne is very long, relatively beautiful and the weather in Mui Ne is hot all year long. It is a good place to relax with family or friends.

Most hotels and resorts in Mui Ne are concentrated in Nguyễn Đình Chiểu Street, which runs along Mui Ne Beach. It’s easy to find all types of accommodation in Mui Ne, from youth hostels like Mui Ne Backpackers Village up to luxury resorts like: Mia Mui Ne Resort. (See the list of the best hotels in Mui Ne here).

Mui Ne Beach
Mui Ne Beach

When is the best time to travel to Mui Ne?

Best months to visit Mui Ne – Phan Thiet:

Best months to visit Mui Ne - Phan Thiet

Temperature and rainfall in Mui Ne

Temperature in Mui Ne - Phan Thiet

Rainfall in Mui Ne

Temperature and rainfall in Mui Ne – Phan Thiet. From

Mui Ne has a savannah climate with dry winter. The average annual temperature is 27 degrees C and the average rainfall is 927.3 mm.

In comparison to the weather in Hanoi, Hanoi’s average annual temperature is 24 degrees C and its average rainfall is 1345mm.

The best months to go to Mui Ne are between December and April.

Kitesurfing, surfing, sailing, kayaking and jet skiing in Mui Ne

Mui Ne is one of the first destinations for kitesurf lovers in Southeast Asia. The windiest period lasts from November to March, and is ideal for kitesurfing.

Kite surfing in Mui Ne
Kite surfing in Mui Ne

Several kite schools are at your disposal in Mui Ne, for example: Vietnam Kiteboarding school, Mui Ne Sailing club etc.

Places to go kitesurfing in Mui Ne

Visiting the white sand dunes and the Lotus Lake

The white sand dunes and the lotus lake are about 35km from Mui Ne. You will find their exact location by typing “white sand dunes” on google maps.

You can go on a motorcycle but pay attention to the police in Mui Ne. If you have no license and vehicle ownership certificate, you will have to pay a fine.

Alternatively to visit the white sand dunes, the Lotus Lake and the Fairy Stream (Suoi Tien) mentioned below is to buy an excursion to your hotel in Mui Ne, at an agency or at the Mui Ne Backpacker Village hostel. The latter offers 2 jeep tours per day, which depart in the morning for sunrise and afternoon to see the sunset. Each tour lasts 4 hours and costs about US $ 10 per person, not including entrance fees.

Lotus Lake - Mui Ne
White sand dunes and Lotus Lake

Moreover, if you choose bike or motorbike as the means to travel in Vietnam, do not miss the most beautiful coastal road of Vietnam, which runs from Phan Rí Cửa to Mui Ne.

One of the most beautiful coastal roads in Vietnam for a motorcycle or bicycle trip:

Phan Ri Cua - Mui Ne Coastal Road
The map of the most beautiful coastal road in Vietnam (Phan Ri Cua – Mui Ne)

Phan Ri Cua - Mui Ne Coastal Road

Watching the sunset over the red sand dunes at Mui Ne

The red sand dunes are located 11km east of the Mui Ne Backpacker Village. You will find their exact location by searching for “red sand dunes” on google maps.

It will be a magical moment to watch the sunset over the sand dunes. Besides, you can rent kites.

Sand dunes Mui Ne
Sand dunes Mui Ne

Stroll to the Fairy Stream of Mui Ne

It is a stunning place, and you should absolutely visit it.

The stream is 5km east of the Mui Ne Backpacker Village. You can go there by bike, motorcycle or buy a ride at an on-site travel agency.

During the visit, you will walk on the sand, in the stream and admire the fantastic and unique landscape in Vietnam: the small red canyon and the famous sand dunes in lush vegetation.

More things to do in Mui Ne

Mui Ne fishing village

If you buy the morning tour of the Mui Ne Backpacker Village hostel, a visit to this village is already included. If not, you can also go there by bike or motorcycle, around 6am to 7am to see the fish market located on Huỳnh Thúc Kháng street, 7km from the Mui Ne Backpacker Village. (Seeking Mui Ne fishing village market on google maps.)

Mui Ne Fishing Village
Mui Ne Fishing Village

Cham Poshanu Towers (Poshanu Cham Towers)

The site is located a little out of the way, 8km west of the Mui Ne Backpacker Village. These are the ruins of two Cham towers that recall a glorious period of the Champa kingdom, which existed in central Vietnam from the second to the seventeenth century. The tours are not big and the visit lasts about 15-30 minutes only.

Poshanu Cham Tower in Mui Ne Phan Thiet
Poshanu Cham Tower in Mui Ne Phan Thiet

If you have ever visited the My Son Sanctuary near Hoi An, do not visit this site again.

City of Phan Thiet with its sacred whale temple – Vạn Thủy Tú

If you have more time, you can visit the city of Phan Thiet, 25km from Mui Ne with its whale temple.

Van Thuy Tu temple is the largest and oldest whale temple in Phan Thiet. It houses skeletal remains of 500 whales, fishing boats, conical hats and objects from the Nguyễn Dynasty.

Van Thuy Tu temple in Mui Ne Phan Thiet
Van Thuy Tu temple in Mui Ne – Phan Thiet
  • Opening hours: 07.00 – 17.00 every day
  • Address: 54 Ngu Ong Street, Phan Thiet City
  • Visit ticket: VND 10,000


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